Gdalit Neuman

The Artist

Photo:  Inigo Taylor

Gdalit Neuman is a Canadian-Israeli dancer, choreographer and educator. She has performed with the Rina Schenfeld Dance Theatre and The Israeli Opera, has choreographed independently both in Israel and Canada, and has been on faculty at Canada’s National Ballet School and York University’s Department of Dance in Toronto.

Something in the Air dance residency

Gdalit Neuman Testimony on her Residency in Gozo

This past Wednesday we had our informal presentation at Astra Theatre Studio in Victoria, in front of family and friends, which represented the culmination of our work throughout my Something in the Air dance residency, organised by Spazju Kreattiv. During our workshops, participants had the opportunity to discover movement possibilities through movement exploration, improvisation and composition techniques. We collaborated on our informal composition to showcase the work we had done, focusing on themes of identity, as well as Gozo’s beautiful vistas and architecture. It was an absolute pleasure working with these mature, thoughtful, creative, curious, engaged and invested dancers.

Thank you Spazju Kreattiv for inviting me to take part in this rewarding residency programme. It was pleasure and privilege working with local youth and getting to know Gozo intimately during my stay. This, of course, fed directly into our practice in the studio. This project has been extremely rewarding, most especially its collaborative nature within the community. Working closely with Justin and Stephanie of Spazju Kreattiv in the planning stages, I felt my ideas were supported and great efforts were made to accommodate my needs for this project. I highly recommend this opportunity to international artists; especially those with a passion for community engagement.