Alessandro Neretti / Nero

Mediterranean Meditation, 2017

May, June 2016

Image from Mediterranean Meditation, Alessandro Neretti








Alessandro Neretti’s project incorporated an element of exchange; the artist stayed at the studio of a Gozitan counterpart, Victor Agius, who had enjoyed a residency in Faenza, Italy during October 2016 for a project hosted by the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza. Neretti’s Gozo-based residency was the second part of this exchange; here he sought to work only with materials found in the street and in the fields, and to take on board suggestions made by members of the local band club, who helped him choose objects which they deemed most representative of their locality.

The aim of these feedback sessions was to determine how the works of both artists can be best represented – to later be placed side-by-side in an exhibition organised by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Valletta.

About the Artist

Image from Mediterranean Meditation, Alessandro Neretti

Having participated in workshops and exhibitions in various continents – spanning Italy, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Korea and others – Alessandro Neretti is a visual artist and sculptor who casts a cheeky and cynical gaze at the contemporary condition of society. Tracking the evolution of what he calls the ‘human modus operandi’ in both its private and public sphere, he is also simply telling yet another story of the present day. Blending together image and text, Neretti’s work alters shared and accepted meanings for things, rendering them null and void so as to invite fresh interpretations.


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