AnnaMaria Weldon


June 2016

Ta Ġurdan lighthouse on a misty day

As part of the AiR Programme, AnnaMaria Weldon once again tapped into her fruitful tendencies to collaborate with various artists, helping to put together a multi-purpose residency in which she wrote creatively, offered public readings and workshops on habitat writing (prose and poetry), and carried out photographic work towards documentation and staging. For the residency, Weldon felt she needed to immerse herself in the island’s “insistence on the elemental” when it came to crafting her poems on the Maltese Megalithic era. “Stone became my muse. I read its language in balcony carvings, the way water has left its signature on the smoother-than-usual bedrock under the drystone walls, where it flows from the fields or natural springs; textures of house and field walls; strange markings on ancient ashlar blocks strewn like rubble by the wayside…”

Some of AnnaMaria’s poetry developed during her time in Gozo can be heard in a States of Poetry WA broadcast here.

About the Artist

AnnaMaria during her time in Gozo

West Australian poet Annamaria Weldon draws upon her Gozitan heritage to buttress some of her key works, among them her most recent essay for the Purple Prose anthology (Fremantle Press), which  is based on summers spent in Gozo with her grandparents at Marsalforn. Also known for her collaborations with artists from various fields, Weldon is the Nature Conservancy Australia’s inaugural Prize-winner for Nature Writing, and a Fellow of Australian Writers WA.


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