Anthony Hawley

Massive Filter

December 2016

Study from the Massive Filter project

Following his initial two-week experience of the Artist-in-Residence programme at Fondazzjoni Kreattivita in the summer of 2016, Anthony Hawley developed a body of work which used the parameters of the space to explore the notions of storage and data. In turn, this culminated in his central research question: “How do the things we store shape us?” Hawley visited a number of different sites – both in Malta and Gozo – to gain insight on the different forms of data exposure: from villages to burial sites to their more digital counterparts, as he delved into the use of spam storage and data.

Hawley brought two spaces together, that of New York and Malta, and mixed both language and text to present his exhibition. Both English and Maltese were present throughout the project, which pointed to Hawley’s interest in issues of identity and legacy.

About the Artist

Study from the Massive Filter Project

American-born visual artist and writer Anthony Hawley is mostly engaged in the production of large-scale multimedia projects, painting and drawing, installations, performances, short films, writings on contemporary art, research and education for social and artistic change, as well as research and education surrounding colour. A recipient of numerous residencies and awards, his most recent project, ‘Fault Diagnosis’, was presented in April 2016 by CounterCurrent, the Menil Collection, and Aurora Picture Show in Houston, Texas.

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