Giuseppe Fanizza

Azure Watch

September 2017

Azure Watch Team, left to right, Johannes Buch, Mary Attard, artist Giuseppe Fanizza, Andrew Pace

During his time in Gozo, Giuseppe Fanizza worked with the local community, archivists and photographers to begin a collective, multimedia archive of the Azure Window and the surrounding landscape

The Azure Window limestone arch was one of Gozo’s most famous landmarks, but it dramatically collapsed into the sea after a heavy storm early in 2017, attracting intense media coverage from across the world. The imagery of the Azure Window now remaining online shows a standardized iconography that could become the only future memory of the Gozo landmark. In order to avoid such homologation and loss of identity, a common action took place through Azure Watch. The collapse of the world famous Azure Window has had important consequences for the iconography and the topographic memory of Gozo landscape; Azure Watch documented this change in identity and produced a final exhibition at Dwejra Tower in September 2017.

Giuseppe was assisted in his research and work by volunteers Mary Attard, Johannes Buch and Andrew Pace. The San Lawrenz Local Council and Din l-Art Ħelwa gave their generous support to the project.

The project community can be found here.

About the Artist

Artist Giuseppe Fanizza at Dwejra

Giuseppe Fanizza is an Italian artist who works primarily in conceptual photography and video to investigate social landscape and topographic memory.

He is curator at Exposed Project, participative visual platform about Milan landscape and transformation, and Habitat Project, an online photo archive about contemporary living and housing. Both within the activity of Habitat Project and individually as a photography workshop teacher, Giuseppe designs and realizes photo-based participative projects aimed at the activation of the community in the narrative of landscape.

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