Samuel Coelho & Henrique Fernandes


February, March 2017

Research at a Gozo quarry during the Metamorphosis project

Metamorphosis is a project with the community at its forefront. Through it, the artists involved – Samuel Martins Coelho and Henrique Fernandes set about building sound sculptures based on materials provided by the surrounding territory, reusing and transforming them. During the process, tools that stimulate creativity and the imagination of the participants were provided, which sought to challenge our established viewpoints on the spaces we inhabit. In this way, the project intended to create an open environment for experimentation, research and exploration of new artistic languages, providing the participants with the ability to use art as a means for personal and collective expression. The overriding philosophy was one based on the egalitarian nature of community art – the sound structures were made out of sustainable materials, whose public nature is meant for them to be enjoyed by all.

Have a listen to the sounds recorded by Samuel and Henrique during their Residency by zooming in on Gozo here.

About the Artists

Samuel Coelho & Henrique Fernandes

Henrique Fernandes and Samuel Martins Coelho are two artists from the north of Portugal who move artistically in different areas of experimental music, such as Sound Art, Field recordings, and the use and creation of non-conventional musical instruments and sound objects.

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