The Procession of Disappearance

Monday 2 – Sunday 15 April 2018

The Procession of Disappearance’ is a collective performance dealing with elements that are disappearing and have disappeared from the island of Gozo. This ranges from soil erosion, unrecorded legends, the Gozitan dialect and the loss of beloved landmarks such as the Azure Window, Gozitan dialects, or forgotten legends, and so on.

The idea of this procession is not to mourn these fragile and disappearing elements, but to celebrate the ephemeral nature of them in the context of Gozo.This can be a reminder for many who take such powerful elements of identity for granted.

Therefore, this procession will draw the circle of the presence of rocks that make the Islands that will long outlive us. As part of the procession, we will carry some rituals out inspired by island stories, the feeling of disappearance and witnessing disappearance.

This project was part of our Artists’ Residency Programme.